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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property eligible for a MODCUBE home?

Give us a call! 604-980-2087. From a quick discussion, we may be able to inform you with some knowledge about your site. The next step is completing a legal survey. We can determine if your property is eligible for a MODCUBE from a legal survey. This allows us to create a Site Analysis that will explain exactly what you can and cannot do on your property.

How much are MODCUBE laneway homes?

The cost to build a MODCUBE can vary depending on finishes and materials but you should budget approximately $300-$550 per square foot.

Once I choose a model, what are the next steps?

Once a model has been chosen, you can connect with us and we can perform a site analysis based on a survey. If there are no major changes to the model we can arrange other required consultants, such as a structural engineer, energy advisor etc.

Who will build my MODCUBE?

We work with many great contractors, and would be happy to recommend someone for your project. However, if you already have a contractor in mind, we are happy to work with them.

How long will the process take?

Once you have chosen a model, it can take a couple of weeks to make any changes, get a survey completed, organize consultants. Once this has been organized, we can apply for the building permit. Depending on your municipality it can take anywhere from 6 weeks - 8 months for a permit.

What does 'modular' mean with MODCUBE?

In the future, we are moving towards modular systems with factory-built modules that can be delivered to the site. Currently, we are working with builders who build using a modular panel system. We hope full modules will be coming soon!

How does zoning work for MODCUBE?

Through our site analysis we can determine your zoning, the size of Modcube you can build, all of your setbacks and any bylaw requirements for your site.

What kind of permits are required for MODCUBE?

In most cases you only require a building permit to start construction, in some cases you will also require a Development Variance Permit. We can help determine what you will need during the site analysis. Other permits such as electrical and plumbing will be individually applied for by the trade doing the work.

What else do I need to know?

We encourage you to call us! Every site and every project is unique. From an initial phone call we can provide some insight on any questions you may have.

More questions?

Contact our team to answer your questions about how MODCUBE can work for you.

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