MODCUBE: The Future of Laneway Living‍

About Modcube

Formed within the acclaimed studio of Synthesis Design, MODCUBE creates innovative laneway homes that make more possible.

About Us

With MODCUBE, we recognize our shared responsibility to the planet and to one another and are working towards a better future globally through focused efforts locally. We are constantly searching for new innovative ways to make a positive impact with our designs. MODCUBE was created while considering the environmental impact and we have made the effort to reduce that impact wherever possible. 

We are currently working with builders who utilize a modular, prefabricated panel system of construction. By constructing the pieces of MODCUBE in a factory setting and assembling on site, we can reduce our impact by eliminating waste, build times and increasing efficiency.

The controlled environment of a factory enables builders to construct a MODCUBE any time of year and in any weather condition, reducing the overall build time and cost. Panelized systems also produce much less waste on site than standard construction and reduces the disruption in your neighborhood. Prefabricated homes can be built to any specification which enable our clients to customize their MODCUBE as needed.

In British Columbia, the Province has been changing the energy consumption guidelines to incorporate increasingly higher levels of energy efficiency through their “Step Code”. The Step Code is implemented by local governments and require a higher standard of energy efficiency in new construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the energy code (*1). MODCUBE has been designed to meet a minimum of Step 3 in the new Step Code, which is typically 20% more energy efficient than the standard energy guidelines. In BC, it will be a standard requirement for all new construction to be near passive and net zero ready by 2032[1]. Passive houses are super insulated structures with no thermal bridges, an air tight envelope and are extremely efficient. We are working towards building MODCUBES that are near passive in the future. In all cases, we evaluate how best to construct our MODCUBE with each property in mind. If your location doesn’t have a similar Energy Step Code, we then work alongside your municipality to ensure your MODCUBE is designed and built in compliance with your local building regulations.

By leading with the principals of sustainability, MODCUBE is designed for the future. We are dedicated to designing innovative and progressive housing, for the betterment of our communities. By offering pre-designed laneway homes, MODCUBE reduces the barriers to achieving an environmentally focussed lifestyle. Over time we hope that many more people will call MODCUBE home.

[1] BC Building and Safety Standards Branch, “Energy Step code: Building Beyond the Standard” (, 2021)