ModFIT is a private personal gym allowing you to train on your own, with a friend, a yoga teacher or a personal trainer; a solution exists for everyone.

ModFIT is a self contained, prefabricated structure that can be delivered to or built on any site.

The goal of ModFIT is to bridge in-home training with fitness facilities and private studios, enabling all people to start exercising, training and moving in a safe and well-equipped zone.

One space, unlimited solutions

The opportunities with modfit are endless.

  • homeowners planning to elevate your home-gym
  • fitness professional looking to establish your own training space
  • a government body looking to integrate safe, clean, and inclusive training options in our local parks
  • business owner interested in creating a fitness or wellness space at the office for your staff

MODFIT is designed to be flexible and adaptable.

Rafael Claveau

Personalize your ModFIT

Work with ModFIT partner and Certified Fitness Professional, Rafael Claveau, to customize the interior training equipment, personalized to your fitness plan and goals.

Raf has been a strength and conditioning professional for over 9 years, and recognizes the lack of this training option in the industry.

"I am convinced that the flexible design coupled with my fitness experience and expertise in the fitness world can provide an much needed and missing solution for the fitness industry" -Raf

Our Process


Analyze your site


confirm pre-fab or site-built


apply for building permit


build, workout, enjoy!

Cost + Delivery

Starting at:
$110,000 CAD

+ Value adds:

  • personal exercise equipment
  • custom finishes
  • workout regimes

Delivery is dependent upon location and when order is placed.

Move better, feel happier!

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