Inner City Revitalization in Calgary

About Modcube

Formed within the acclaimed studio of Synthesis Design, MODCUBE creates innovative laneway homes that make more possible.

About Us

MODCUBE is the solution to thriving connected urban communities and an answer to curbing suburban sprawl. Not only does MODCUBE protect the scale and aesthetics of neighborhood streetscapes, it provides compact and affordable homes in the neighborhood that you love.

Synthesis Design and MODCUBE expanded our services to Calgary in 2020, led by our Design Director James Stobie. We are always looking for new opportunities to bring MODCUBE to more people, and Calgary is a city that would benefit greatly from an increase in backyard suites and laneway homes. The inner-city is rich with great local businesses, parks, and events. However, with prices in the inner-city inching upwards, Calgarians find themselves pushed further and further to the city’s limits.

What if more people could live, work, and play in communities they love? What if we could decrease our impact on the environment, and introduce a softer-density in these neighbourhoods? With MODCUBE, we are able to reduce land use, strains on infrastructure, commute times, and we bring people closer together while improving how they live. Lanes become quaint streets and new communities are born without taking over any more land. Revitalization existing neighborhoods and reducing the need to sprawl outwards is our vision for MODCUBE in Calgary.

Efforts towards laneway revitalisation and backyard suites is already underway in Calgary, with advocates paving the way for this housing option. Former Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell shared her thoughts on laneway housing as a solution to outward sprawl stating: “Laneway housing is invisible density. It adds housing without changing the character of the city, and it’s one way to make a city more resilient by offering flexibility[1].” Laneway homes turn alleyways into pedestrian and bike friendly spaces, adding vibrancy to communities, while increasing a property’s value. The Founder of Calgary Backyard Suites, Ashely Salvador, states: “Backyard suites fulfill a larger purpose. It’s adding more people to your neighbourhood. It’s adding more diverse people to your neighbourhood and it’s allowing your neighbour’s grandmother to age in place[2].” We are excited to bring MODCUBE to Calgary, and strive to make a positive impact through our design work and over 27 years in the residential design industry.

[1] Kthe Lemon, “The Calgary Laneway Challenge” (Calgary, Alberta: Avenue Calgary Magazine, 2015) 

[2] Carolyn Kury de Castillo, “Building 2 homes on 1 property: A look inside an unusual Calgary backyard suite” (Global News, 2019)