Our Mission for Modcube

About Modcube

Formed within the acclaimed studio of Synthesis Design, MODCUBE creates innovative laneway homes that make more possible.

About Us

Modern, modular, and modifiable; MODCUBE offers a much-needed solution to those seeking well-designed, sustainably-built, and affordable laneway homes in increasingly competitive housing markets across North America. Synthesis Design is a residential design firm established over 30 years ago in North Vancouver. MODCUBE was designed in response to the growing lack of affordability across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Throughout Canada land is at a premium; cities are sprawling beyond their boundaries while reducing the surrounding natural environment, people are living further away from the communities they work in and are forced to commute long distances while housing prices continue to skyrocket.

MODCUBE is our answer to the growing housing crisis. By utilizing existing single-family lots to densify our neighborhoods, we enable people to live, work, and grow in the community they love. Our goal with MODCUBE is to provide people with more; more options to downsize while remaining on their property, create more housing for adult children or aging parents, or have an additional source of income through renting. MODCUBE can mean different things to people at varying times in their lives, however, one thing remains constant: MODCUBE makes more possible.

Our dedication to the relentless pursuit of designing innovative and progressive housing typologies for the betterment of communities led us to building our first MODCUBE in 2018. We are reaching out to cities and communities throughout Canada and the USA to address the need for innovative housing through laneway living. We are excited to see this moment become a movement and see more folks embrace laneway homes as part of a more healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling way to live.